The Latest Manicure Trends of 2019

The Latest Manicure Trends of 2019

As we enter 2019, it’s time to update our nail game with the latest manicure trends. From bold colors to intricate designs, this year’s nail trends are all about making a statement. One of the hottest trends of the year is minimalist nail art. Gone are the days of over-the-top designs, now it’s all about clean lines and simple patterns. This trend is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle look but still want to stand out.

Another trend that is taking over the nail world is negative space nails. This technique involves leaving parts of the nails bare to create unique and eye-catching designs. Whether it’s a geometric pattern or a floral design, negative space nails are a fun and modern way to spice up your look. Plus, they are perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t have time for regular touch-ups.

One of the most popular manicure trends for 2019 is the comeback of neon nails. Bright and bold, neon shades are making a big splash this year. From electric pinks to vibrant yellows, these colors are sure to turn heads and add a pop of color to any outfit. Pair neon nails with a neutral outfit for a fun and unexpected pop of color, or go all out with a neon-on-neon look for a bold statement.

If neon shades are not your thing, then pastel nails are another trend to try this year. Soft and feminine, pastel shades are perfect for spring and summer. From baby blues to mint greens, these delicate colors are a fresh and modern twist on the classic nude nail. Pastel nails are versatile and can be worn with any outfit, making them a must-have trend for the year.

Another trend that is making a comeback this year is metallic nails. Whether it’s shiny gold or edgy silver, metallic nails are a fun and glamorous way to add some sparkle to your look. Metallic shades can be worn on their own for a bold statement or used as an accent color to add some shimmer to your manicure. No matter how you wear them, metallic nails are sure to make a statement.

Lastly, ombre nails are another trend to try in 2019. This technique involves blending two or more colors together for a seamless and gradient effect. Ombre nails can be done in any color combination, making them a versatile and fun trend to try. From subtle and natural ombre to bold and bright, the options are endless when it comes to ombre nails. So whether you prefer a minimalist look or want to go all out with neon shades, there is a manicure trend for everyone to try in 2019.

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