Jil Sander-Inspired Veiled

Jil Sander-Inspired Veiled Beanie

You actually need a hat throughout this era, so you’ve got an opportunity to make a cute and womanly beanie. You’ll want a slouchy knit beanie, 9¨ x 24¨ french veil netting, embroidery thread of an identical shade, an embroidery needle and a pair of scissors. Unfold the netting out lengthwise. Place the beanie within the heart of the netting, offset by about three inches. Fold the 2 ends in the direction of the middle. Thread the embroidery thread via the needle and make a double knot on the finish. Overlap the 2 sides of netting and stitch them to the beanie with a single sew. Proceed the sew by folding down one aspect in half and stitching the sting to the beanie. The remainder of the tutorial is right here.

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